Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary


To remove from a bad situation.

These amazing creatures called dogs come to Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary through owner surrenders, the local police department, strays and sometimes they just show up on our porch. They may need medical attention, behavior rehabilitation or in many instances they need both. In some cases, they can be adopted to new homes. In a lot of cases, their behavior is such that they will become a life-long Roughneck. That's where the sanctuary comes in.


A safe haven, a place of refuge.

Some of the dogs that come to us can be rehabilitated and through adoption, find new loving homes. However, some of the dogs here, even  though they are rehabilitated and do great at the rescue with Danny and Kelly, may revert back to demonstrating unwanted behaviors if put into a different situation. Those dogs will remain in our care. It's a great life for a dog here in sanctuary. It's free range on five fenced acres with daily structured exercise, leadership and affection.

How do we do it?

Calm. Assertive. Pack Leader.

Our President Danny Davis is a dog behaviorist and is here at the rescue 24/7 working with the dogs. Danny provides daily structured exercise, play time, leadership and affection.  He sets rules, boundaries and limitations and does not allow any dominance or aggression, period. Most of the Roughnecks live in the house with Danny and Kelly where there isn’t much human furniture, but rather where dog beds scatter the floor. Some of the dogs sleep in the heated/cooled kennel for various reasons, but no one is ever left in a kennel for hours or stuck in a crate, ever. Every dog is safe, fulfilled and challenged in body, heart and mind every day.