Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
DOB: August 2009

Jenny is the only dog in the pack that was raised from a puppy. Danny rescued her when she was just 4 weeks old and 4 pounds. Clearly taken away from her mother too early. Pit Bulls have a bad rap. It’s not the overall breed that is mean and aggressive, it’s the humans who own and mistreat them. Danny and Jenny met at the Humane Society when she was 4 weeks old. A staff member asked Danny to hold her for a second and it was love at first sight. He just couldn’t resist taking her home to the pack. Jenny has become the epitome of a great dog. She is one of the most happy-go-lucky dogs you’ll ever meet. Jenny has played an important role in the pack to show others when it’s playtime…”let’s do it”, but when the pack leader says play time is over…”it’s over”. She is very helpful with the fearful dogs that come for rehab. And if you have a water bottle that she thinks she might get her paws on, she’s your best friend. Jenny has come to be known as the mascot for Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary.