Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary

Margaret Mayol


Board Member

Margaret is our Secretary/Treasurer, which means keeping us organized! Margaret is a retired school teacher and is great at keeping things moving forward. She also facilitates the workshops through K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation, walks dogs, attends adoption events, helps organize and volunteers at fundraisers and volunteers at another rescue. Margaret also works at another rescue that specializes in rabbits and pigs!

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."

Leadership Team

Guts. Grit. Purpose.

The leadership team at Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary is a small group of volunteers that is dedicated to dogs. Our mission is to rescue dogs from bad situations and adopt them to new families when possible or care for the dogs that will live the rest of their lives in sanctuary. We are also very dedicated to keeping dogs from being surrendered for bad behaviors and keeping them out of the shelters in the first place. By working with humans and teaching them the tools they need to achieve balance in their dogs, our hope is to keep the dogs in their home.

Running a rescue and sanctuary takes a village. Everyone has a role and we all work together.  We know we would not be successful without all of our wonderful supporters, friends and volunteers.

We can’t do this without the love, dedication and passion of every person involved!

Kelly Davis

Program Director

Kelly has been an apprentice under Danny Davis since January 2011 learning to be a dog behaviorist. Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary is located at her home where she and Danny live with the pack. Kelly has always been a city girl, but now loves living in the country. Kelly works as an executive assistant in Ann Arbor and has dedicated her life to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs. The time spent with a pack of dogs has taught her much about herself and, in particular, how to be calm and take time to appreciate the small things in life. Her passion for this rewarding endeavor, stated simply, is that “all dogs deserve to be safe and fulfilled. It is so rewarding to be able to help dogs, as well as families”. Kelly and Danny were married in 2017.

Dawn Reeves

Vice President

Board Member

 As Vice-President, Dawn organizes fundraisers, secures all sorts of amazing donations for raffle baskets, walks dogs, helps people who are having issues with their dogs, volunteers at the workshops through K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation and volunteers at another rescue too! She has very clever and innovative ideas to raise money like selling donated tennis balls and making soap to sell at the farmer’s market. She does it all!

"I have always had a love and passion for animals and enjoy being part of Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary and helping animals in need".

Danny Davis

President, Dog Behaviorist

Board Member

Danny was born and raised in the Ypsilanti/Belleville area. He started out volunteering at the local Humane Society where he would spend every day making certain that every dog was walked. It didn’t matter if a dog was aggressive or extremely shy, Danny would work with all of them. It wasn’t long until his reputation spread of his natural skill, dedication and compassion for every dog.  He encountered just about every issue you can think of while volunteering at the humane society. But his true lessons on being a dog behaviorist came from living with a pack of dogs. Danny says "It's a must to be a calm assertive pack leader 24/7 to actually live amongst a pack of dogs." The pack varies between 16-20 dogs ranging from Rottweilers and German Shepherds to Pit Bulls and other strong breeds. This pack of unwanted and misfit dogs work together to rehabilitate unbalanced dogs and can achieve this balance much faster than any human can. Danny’s life is dedicated to rehabilitating and saving dogs. He knows this is the path he was born to follow.