Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary

Mr. Oliver French
Breed: French Bulldog
DOG: March 2011

Mr. French, or affectionately known as Smeagol,  came to us from Florida with severe separation anxiety, aggression towards people and dogs and he's 100% deaf. Danny has been working with Oliver using the simple formula of Exercise, Leadership and then Affection. By setting rules, boundaries and limitations for Oliver, Danny and Kelly have seen a huge decrease in his anxiety. Oliver is being introduced to the pack and other people and each day he is doing a lot better. He still has moments, but he is progressing rapidly in becoming balanced. While Danny is his calm-assertive pack leader, the pack plays an important role in Oliver's rehabilitation. The balanced pack lives in a calm-submissive state of mind and they have a lot of influence on new dogs that are unbalanced. In addition, they will help teach Oliver how to play and how to live in harmony with humans and other pack members under Danny's supervision of course. 

Mr. French will live out his life here in Sanctuary, safe, fulfilled and happy.