Breed:  American Bull Dog

DOB: April 2009

This is the second time Danny has saved Buster’s life, so we believe he has come back into our lives again for a reason – this time he’s staying. This story takes place several years before we formed Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary.

When Buster was rehabilitated and ready to be adopted, Danny dropped him off at the Humane Society after he had gone through Rehab and was ready to be adopted. Dropping him off broke Danny’s heart, so he made sure the staff knew if Buster wasn’t adopted in one week, he would be back to get him. To Danny, Buster was the perfect dog – and he doesn’t say that very often! We weren’t surprised when Buster was adopted the very next day.

Two years passed and Danny got a call that Buster would be euthanized if we could not take him…again. Danny said, “Of course, bring him to me.”

In Danny’s words “I am very fortunate that Buster found his way back to me. It had been two years since I had been with Buster and I wondered what he had been through or what had happened with his owners. Though I was curious, I really didn’t care and it didn’t really matter. When Buster was dropped off, I could see he was not very happy and was tense. He was a little traumatized and was bleeding from his front leg.


Breed: Belgian Malinois Shepherd Mix

DOB: January 2008

Luna is a very special girl. She is a great dog and a very good pack member and lives to be with her pack, especially Daddy. When Danny went to pick her up, the only way to get her out of where she was huddled was to connect her leash to Daddy. She followed Daddy out and into the van. Luna and Daddy were very connected, until he passed away in March 2016.


Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

DOB: March 2015

Petey came to us as a stray from the local police department.  He was super skinny and had a wire around his neck for a collar. He fit right into the pack and is a pretty sassy little guy.  He has some aggression issues that Danny is working through with him. It's not for certain yet if he will be adoptable at some point or will live out his life here in Sanctuary.


Breed: Plott Hound/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

DOB: September 2011

Monkey was abandoned in a house when he was about 4 months old. A rescue friend of ours called us to take him and we did, as he had some aggression issues. He is a lot of fun. For the first several months that he was with us, we called him Puppy. Now we affectionately call him Monkey, his name suits him. While his aggression issues are gone living here with Danny, Monkey will remain here in Sanctuary for his lifetime.


Breed: German Rottweiler

DOB: April 2009

Joker was rescued from an Amish puppy mill in Nebraska. When he arrived, he was an empty shell. Today he is loving life and is happy to be alive. He's a fun loving and energetic guy. We are so glad he found us and is one of the Roughnecks.


Breed: Husky Mix

DOB: January 2008

Kuma is a beautiful girl.  Danny adopted her to a family in 2010. In 2016 they called and said they couldn't keep her anymore. So she's back!  Kuma has the coolest eyes; one blue and one 1/2 blue and 1/2 brown, right down the middle.  She loves to run, so Danny and Kelly ride the bike with her. She loves it. Of course she gets plenty of time to run and play with the pack in the fenced in 5 acres.

Kuma has a bite history and will stay here for the rest of her life in Sanctuary.


Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

DOB: August 2012

Carl just showed up on our porch one night in the middle of winter.  He didn't have a collar or a microchip, but certainly did not look like a stray. We can only assume someone dumped him at the rescue out here in the country.

Carl is ready to find his new Pack Leader.  He is the funniest guy and will be a great companion for someone. 


Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

DOB: August 2012

Rambo was brought to us with his brother from an animal cruelty case where they seized all of the animals, right down to the chickens.

Rambo is ready to find his new Pack Leader.  He will make someone a great companion.


Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary


Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

DOB: December 2014

Frank is a special guy and requires special handling.  He came to us as an owner surrender. The owner had wanted a female boxer, so Frank didn't quite fit the model he was hoping for and he just didn't really like Frank. So we took him in. He's a funny guy. Big block head with stubby little legs.

Frank has some quirky aggression issues, but does great here with Danny and Kelly.  Frank will live out his life here in Sanctuary.


Breed: American Rottweiler

DOB: October 2013

Jessie is a beautiful girl, but has some pretty fierce anxiety. She has been in two homes and both left her in a crate much of the day. We're working on her behavior and it's not for certain yet if she will ever be able to be adopted.  It will take an experienced handler, a yard with a 6' fence and a home with other dogs.

If the right human comes along to adopt her, that's great. Otherwise, Jessie will most likely live out her life here in Sanctuary.

All of that didn’t matter, I knew I could turn him into the perfect dog I had known before. As I took my friend’s leash in my hand, I assured him that I would never let him go again and he was now a permanent member of my pack. It’s great to have my friend home for good.”

Danny doesn’t want to speculate about what happened to Buster, he was just so happy that Buster made it back to him and the Roughnecks. As soon as Buster arrived and after a quick meeting with the pack, he patched up his wounds. Buster went to the Vet’s office the next day to get checked out and except for several healing wounds and many scars; he received a clean bill of health.

After just two days, he was back to the old Buster…like he never left. The Pack all love Buster and he is great at helping rehabilitate other dogs. He helped Danny raise Little Jenny so she was extremely happy when Buster returned, as was Bandit.

A happy ending to what could have been another tragic one.

The Roughnecks.

Their stories.


Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

DOB: August 2009

Jenny is the only dog in the pack that was raised from a puppy. Danny rescued her when she was just 4 weeks old and 4 pounds. Clearly taken away from her mother too early. Pit Bulls have a bad rap. It’s not the overall breed that is mean and aggressive, it’s the humans who own and mistreat them. Danny and Jenny met at the Humane Society when she was 4 weeks old. A staff member asked Danny to hold her for a second and it was love at first sight. He just couldn’t resist taking her home to the pack. Jenny has become the epitome of a great dog. She is one of the most happy-go-lucky dogs you’ll ever meet. Jenny has played an important role in the pack to show others when it’s playtime…”let’s do it”, but when the pack leader says play time is over…”it’s over”. She is very helpful with the fearful dogs that come for rehab. And if you have a water bottle that she thinks she might get her paws on, she’s your best friend. Jenny has come to be known as the mascot for Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary.


Breed: German Shepherd

DOB: January 2005

Danny met Neesie at a shelter he was working with and is one of the worst cases of anxiety mixed with excitement he has ever encountered. A beautiful tan and black German Shepherd, she was in her kennel barking and acting very aggressive and spinning around. When he brought her out into the yard, she would spin and spin chasing and biting her tail until she literally fell down. She had bitten her own tail so often; her owners couldn’t keep it healed, so they decided it would be best just to have it surgically removed. By then, Neesie had already bitten 4 or 5 people and the owners asked Danny to take her for rehab. After a few weeks, he decided Neesie needed to stay with him for the rest of her life. She is a permanent member of the Roughneck Pack, but is still a work in progress. She is obsessed with Jack, our scrappy Rat Terrier and she follows him everywhere. A match made in heaven!


Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

DOB: July 2013

Danny is part of the trio that was abandoned in the woods at just 2 months old.  When we got the triplets, they had severe mange and all three were completely bald and scabby and smelled of rotting flesh.

Danny's sister Sissy and brother Hulk have been adopted to great families.  Danny however will remain in Sanctuary for his lifetime. Danny has matured into a beautiful guy, but has some issues.


Breed: German Rottweiler

DOB: September 2012

Voodoo was saved from a life outside chained 24/7  His owner couldn't handle him so they put him outside. When Voodoo came to Roughneck Rescue he was skinny, missing fur and didn't know any manners. Danny has been working with Voodoo and he has made great progress and he looks amazing. He comes from a long line of championship Rottweilers and is very smart. Danny has been waiting for a dog just like Voodoo to come along, that needed rescue, to fill the late Daddy's role in the pack. Daddy was Danny's right hand man and was very helpful in rehabilitating other dogs, especially aggressive cases. Danny feels confident that Voodoo is the guy!

Voodoo has a bite history and will live out his life here in Sanctuary.


Breed: Olde English Bulldog

DOB: January 2011

Mack came to Roughneck Rescue from another rescue.  He has some aggression issues and is being rehabilitated. He's making progress and has a pretty funny personality.

Mack has a bite history and will live out his life here in Sanctuary.


Breed: Rat Terrier

DOB: July 2007

Just because Jack is the smallest guy in the pack, you would never know it. That’s the beauty of a pack. Everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter what breed you happen to have been born. This is a great example of the importance of treating our dogs as Animal-Dog-Breed-Name - in that order. Look at the other dogs that Jack runs with everyday. If he was not treated as Animal-Dog first, he wouldn’t survive.

When Jack came to us he was a biter. It was probably his way of saying hey – I am not being fulfilled as a dog as his owners just couldn't provide the leadership that he needed. He has become a strong member of the Roughnecks. In fact, he is probably the scrappiest one of all of them. He’s confident amongst everyone else, the first to dive (literally) into the water and is very smart. He plays an important role in the pack by proving that size doesn’t matter and that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Pack Leader. If this pack was living in the wild, that’s exactly how he would be treated, no special favors!


Breed: German Rottweiler

DOB: March 2014

Tara was found by the Sumpter Police department as a stray and they called Roughneck Rescue & Sanctuary. We don't know anything about Tara except that she is one beautiful girl. She is in the big pack in the house and is learning to get along with everyone.

She will live out her life in Sanctuary here with us.

Mr. Oliver French

Breed: French Bulldog

DOG: March 2011

Mr. French, or affectionately known as Smeagol,  came to us from Florida with severe separation anxiety, aggression towards people and dogs and he's 100% deaf. Danny has been working with Oliver using the simple formula of Exercise, Leadership and then Affection. By setting rules, boundaries and limitations for Oliver, Danny and Kelly have seen a huge decrease in his anxiety. Oliver is being introduced to the pack and other people and each day he is doing a lot better. He still has moments, but he is progressing rapidly in becoming balanced. While Danny is his calm-assertive pack leader, the pack plays an important role in Oliver's rehabilitation. The balanced pack lives in a calm-submissive state of mind and they have a lot of influence on new dogs that are unbalanced. In addition, they will help teach Oliver how to play and how to live in harmony with humans and other pack members under Danny's supervision of course.

With all of his issues, Mr. French will live out his life here in Sanctuary.